Skill Mix Optimization For Contact Centers Mexico Phone Number List

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There is an analytically distinct solution that  Mexico Phone Number List optimizes the mix of skills within a contact center. To reach a specific recommendation these analytical solutions should be derived from empirical data gathered during  Mexico Phone Number List the course of a small pilot within the center.

However, there are generalities and trade-offs that can be Mexico Phone Number List considered at the management level before introducing too much complexity with intermixed skills across the center.

While current technology makes complex routing  Mexico Phone Number List of skill mixes possible across a center, or even multiple centers, there is still the issue of human limitations. In numerous experiments with multi-function centers the same result has always been obtained: peak throughput results from functional specialization.  Mexico Phone Number List Throughput, in this case, is calculated across the process life cycle. There is still the open question of whether peak throughput is equal to optimal throughput; this must be decided case-by-case.

It is a terrible mistake to examine only Mexico Phone Number List front line throughput, or theoretical first call resolution, under Mexico Phone Number List  these circumstances, as the error rate has a dramatic impact on process life cycle  Mexico Phone Number List versus first call resolution. Simply put, multi-function representatives have a lower accuracy rate than representatives that are functionally specialized. In most cases they also have lower raw throughput. Where the throughput is comparable, the accuracy differential shows an even greater penalty.

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