The connection between Brands and Millennials

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Recursion, information obtained in what a click takes, relationships within the digital world, among other expressions, are those that define the personality and modus operandi of those individuals called Millennials, who have a position within the generational prism that oscillates between the 1980s to late 1990s.

They are natives of the digital universe, with the ability to assimilate everything related to technology with singular ability, making them efficient in their actions within the work and social spaces. Likewise, they are that portion of individuals that is increasingly representing a greater purchasing power in any market at a global level, and they are part of the workforce that has a greater positive contribution to organizational indexes. For these reasons, among others, is that companies must know how to connect their brands with this generation.

For these individuals, transparency, trust, consistency, Best database provider among others, are values ​​that often exceed the price and quality behind each brand. In addition, this generation increasingly demands greater adaptation, innovation and technological creativity in products. Adapting, in this world so volatile and, with arduous competition in markets, means that companies are aware of the changes that occur outside their organizational walls and are always at the forefront of how to weave the thread of technological advances. Among this technology, Millennials seek that every product they buy effectively contributes to their life in a practical and simple way; many times less is more.

Beyond that technological and creative absorption, the commitment to protecting the environment and social contributions also, on many occasions, represent a relevant part of their purchase motivation. They consider that they must contribute in a certain way to make this a cleaner world with social health, and what better way to do it if in what is offered they can find a way to help, with altruistic ideals that are also shared by product suppliers .

Common advertising does not always yield the expected results, if it is directed towards this generational target. Companies must diversify their strategy in promoting brands, especially knowing that Millennials were born in a digital space where social networks make up the largest percentage of their leisure activities or daily work. In this way, one travels in a world where the seduction of these consumers is based on digital transactions, where brand conversations can be promoted, and ambassadors can be seen exhibiting them in a creative way.

Similarly, the option of obtaining information, and even generating the purchase action with just one click, is highly valued within this generational sphere. In this age, computers no longer make up the majority of young people’s daily routine. On the other hand, cell phones can meet characteristics that in past times only computers could have. This is why companies and their brand promotion must use any interface on cell phones that can be friendly for those consumers who roam in this technological universe. With this tactic, the exposure of brands will take place in an effective way, due to the weight of digital transactions in a world with a massive technological audience.

The understanding of this modern target market Buy Mobile Database must always be accompanied by constant actions that seek to investigate their psychological behavior and psychographic traits. With a greater understanding of their lifestyle, change in lifestyle, interests and hobbies, companies can more effectively divide their target market and attack it consistently. The continuous development of surveys or spaces where feedback from brands can be generated is something relevant that can trigger changes or necessary improvements in the products and what each brand intends to emanate. The action of fully understanding any target market is an action that must be constantly nurtured, and even more so if that market is made up of young digital people who seek innovation, practicality and simplicity in their lifestyle.


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